Spectrum Noir Metallic Wax - Inca Gold .7oz (20ml)


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Spectrum Noir Metallic Waxes are water-based, non-toxic waxes that feature a soft, creamy, brushable texture. They can be used to add detail and effects to all sorts of surfaces and projects. The wax consists of very fine metal particles coated with a binder wax; they are water- and fade-resistant. The combination of waxes on top of painted and primed bases creates a rich metallic finish when burnished to a shine - perfect for crafts, upcycling, and home improvement uses as well as restoration.

Metallic Waxes can be applied with your fingertip, a soft cloth, brush, or sponge, and will stick to the surface without tarnishing. Less is more - a little will go a long way. Apply in a circular motion, buffing as you go. Use a very small amount and build up the layers. Once applied, use a lint-free cloth to buff to a high shine!

  • 20ml / 0.7oz jar
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