Colour Blast - Embossing Powder - Snow White


Colour Embossing Powder

This product is a bright and shimmery embossing powders. This embossing powder has been designed for mixed media, so it is NOT a clean embossing powder. When you use this embossing powder you will be left with a MICA residue. We DO NOT recommend this embossing powder for those TRADITIONAL paper crafters who like a clean finish.

Directions: For use on paper, cardstock, chipboard, wood, metal and other surfaces. Apply a wet ink to the surface. Sprinkle embossing powder onto the wet inked area. Sprinkle excess embossing powder back into the jar. Use a heat tool to melt the powder. Repeat this process for a desired finish.

Acid free, non toxic.

Warning: Not for use under 12 years of age without adult supervision. Do not eat. Do not inhale. Avoid contact with eyes. If you get this in your eyes, wash your eyes out and seek immediate medical attention.

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